Team OcUK Thank You and Goodbye

This website has been permanently closed

Thank you to you and the 7,025,709 other visitors to this site over the past 16 years.

The server on which this site was hosted has reached end of life. Given that I do not have time to give the site the major upgrade it needs, nor the funds to move it to a new server, I've taken the decision to close it down for good. I looked into using advertising to fund it but that also was not viable.

Should you still need a statistics fix, I would recommend BOINCstats.

If you're looking for somewhere to donate your spare CPU and/or GPU cycles, please consider helping Folding@home to understand SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, or if you'd like to stick to BOINC-based projects, try Science United.

Once again, thank you, and goodbye.