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Unfortunately the Team OcUK data server was down for 12 hours Sunday due to a repeat of the recent disk issues.

To that end, new hardware has been ordered and should be in place within a few weeks. As well as (hopefully) being more reliable, it also has signifantly more processor performance than the current server, which should hopefully speed up updates and possibly allow scope for the addition of new projects to the site. Updates will be posted as appropriate.
Sun, 11th Feb 2007 20:40 by Mark

Stats are back up-to-date and automatic updates have been turned on. Note that neither Predictor@home nor LHC@home are providing stats right now. Predictor appears to have finished (for now), and LHC just isn't working. At some future date, Predictor may be replaced with a different project such a BBC Climate Prediction, but major site updates are somewhat low on the priority list. This does not mean that maintenance will be let slip.
Thu, 5th Oct 2006 21:07 by Mark

Due to an oversight on my part, I turned the stats updates off and forgot to turn them back on again. Fortunately, I still have the missing stats even though the site didn't update, so stats will be playing 'catchup' throughout today.
Thu, 5th Oct 2006 13:49 by Mark

The problem with the statistics graphs not displaying has been corrected.
Tue, 3rd Oct 2006 18:12 by Mark

Due to an unexpected server failure, graphs on this site are currently not working. This will be fixed later today.
Tue, 3rd Oct 2006 17:09 by Mark

Team OcUK has been moved to a new UK-based server. As the database server is located in the same datacentre, the site should now be much more responsive.

Thanks to Vidahost for a trouble-free move.
Thu, 31st Aug 2006 23:10 by Mark

After numerous repeated disk issues over the last three months, I have made agreement to either replace or bypass the hardware that is causing the problem. This will cause some downtime over the next few days, probably at very short notice.

Apologies for the repeated downtime, and for any additional inconvenience this may cause.
Sun, 18th Jun 2006 21:16 by Mark

On the morning of 26th March, the Team OcUK database server suffered a partial disk failure which crashed the server. This was not detected at the time and two further crashes happened on 28th and 29th March.

The faulty disk was replaced on 29th March, with (fortunately) no significant loss of data, Database repairs and updates have been carried out over the last two days to restore the site to full function.

Testing will continue over the next few days to ensure the new disk is working correctly.
Fri, 31st Mar 2006 17:34 by Mark

Database repairs from the crash on 26th March have been completed and the site is now functioning normally.
Mon, 27th Mar 2006 16:21 by Mark

The server running the Team OcUK database crashed early morning on 26th March, and caused some significant database corruption. At this time, repairs are ongoing. Statistics should be back up to date within 24 hours, but some statistics for 24th through 26th March may be missing.
Mon, 27th Mar 2006 00:49 by Mark