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A faulty disk has been detected in the server. While no downtime is currently expected, automatic updates have been temporarily paused to ensure that there are no issues should an unplanned restart take place when the engineers attend to the problem.
Mon, 2nd Mar 2015 19:27 by Mark

Predictor@home hasn't exported any statistics (or had any work) for about 11 months now, and appears to have finally disappeared off the internet on June 10th.

With this in mind, Predictor@home statistics will be shut down on 28th June. The statistics will be archived should they be needed again in future.
Sun, 21st Jun 2009 14:12 by Mark

Looking at the Predictor@home project, no credit has been granted in over six months and stats have been turned off for a similar length of time. Other than confirming that they've turned things off there has been barely a single word from the project administrators, so it can only be assumed that Predictor@home has popped off this mortal coil with barely a whimper.

As a result, unless this situation changes, monitoring of Predictor@home will likely be discontinued and the stats removed from this site some time during the first half of January 2009. If you'd like to retain any of the information held here for this project, please save it now.
Mon, 8th Dec 2008 01:23 by Mark

Two weeks ago, due to lack of server monitoring, Team OcUK suffered from an out of disk space condition. The update software used on the server isn't particularly resillient to unexpected failures of this sort, and as a result was unable to recover once the error was cleared.

The only way to recover at this point was to restore from database backups. For much the same reason as the disk space problem, these were nine months old, so a lot of time and effort was required to recover.

The site is now sufficiently recovered to allow it to re-open. However, it will be noted that some projects are very out-of-date. These projects will be recovered over the next few days and during this time may be slow and/or temporarily unavailable.
Fri, 24th Oct 2008 21:13 by Mark

Unfortunately the damage caused to the database server when it ran out of disk space has proved fatal. This wasn't spotted until an attempt to update the database failed and zeroed all points scores. Also, unfortunately, the last backup is incredibly old.

It is believed that no data has been permanently lost, but the restore process will likely require 7-10 days. The old backup is currently being restored and I'm working on a script to automate the reload.

Apologies for any inconvenience.
Tue, 14th Oct 2008 21:41 by Mark

The Team OcUK data server ran out of disk space and crashed on Friday 3rd October. Due to other committments this wasn't spotted for several days.

The missing data will be restored over this weekend.

Please check back Monday for news regarding the future of this site.
Fri, 10th Oct 2008 02:54 by Mark

A change in configuration at LHC@home has prevented the stats from updating. This has been fixed. Predictor@home stats appear to be unavailable at this time.

An additional project is being added to the site. This may cause pages to load a little slower than normal while the new database is built.
Tue, 5th Aug 2008 16:47 by Mark

Team OcUK has resumed normal operation following the recent disk issues. Thank you for your patience, and also to 2host for their help in resolving the problems.

You can see the history of the recent problems in site news.
Thu, 8th Nov 2007 21:12 by Mark

The statistics updates are going well and the new disk is not showing any of the problems encountered with the old one. Work has now been suspended for the night, and should resume and be completed sometime Thursday. Thankyou for your continued patience.
Thu, 8th Nov 2007 00:51 by Mark

If you're looking for a server hosting provider in the UK, you might consider 2host. Thanks to a speedy response on their part the disk that has been causing the recent problems has been replaced and the old data transferred. Tests are ongoing but the results so far look promising.

PS - I also highly recommend Vidahost for web hosting, particularly if your needs aren't as big as leasing a server.
Wed, 7th Nov 2007 13:59 by Mark