Team OcUK SetiTEAM Compatibility


SetiTEAM Compatibility

If you just can't get enough BOINC stats and want to use your SETI@home Classic statistics programs with BOINC, then there is good news. This site has a SetiTEAM compatible stats feed.

To use this feed with SetiTEAM:

  • Start SetiTEAM
  • Right click anywhere in the main window and select 'Internet Settings...'
  • Select the statistics you want, and replace the 'SETI@home server' address with the appropriate URL from the following list:
    For SETI@home total credit:
    For SETI@home recent credit:
    For Predictor@home total credit:
    For Predictor@home recent credit:
    You must enter the URL exactly as shown here - i.e. no http:// at the front, and the question mark at the end is required (the stats won't download without it).
  • When you're done, click OK.
  • Select the 'Team mode' button.
  • Enter the team name you want to look up in the box at top left, and click Update.

The stats feed has the following limitations:

  • CPU time information is not available. The CPU stats will show up the same for everyone.
  • All statistics are truncated to the nearest whole number.
  • Due to the different way statistics are calculated, it's possible that some software may be unable to cope with these large numbers. Some scaling of results will be implemented if this proves to be a problem.
  • This is not a real-time feed. It is generated from the database that runs the main statistics sites.

This has been tested with SetiTEAM 2.1i. It may be possible to use this with other SETI@home statistics programs and scripts, either directly, or with a little modification.

If you've lost your copy of SetiTEAM, you can download version 2.1i from here.