Team OcUK LHC@home Statistics


These pages provide statistics for the participants of the BOINC-based LHC@home project, and are based on statistics made available from the official project site.

LHC@home Project Totals

Database last updated: Sunday, 25th March 2018 11:01
Using statistics from: Sunday, 25th March 2018 10:36
Database status: Current  
Project total credit: 10,708,847,711.83 cobblestones
Project recent average credit: 12,959,087.64 cobblestones
Total participants (>0 credit): 160,540 (160,540 loaded)
Active participants: 9,747  
Total hosts: 435,301 (250,100 loaded)
Total teams: 5,811 (5,811 loaded)
Total countries: 227 (227 loaded)


LHC stands for Large Hadron Collider. It will be the largest and most powerful particle accelerator ever built. LHC@home helps the construction of LHC. It simulates how the particles travel trough the 27 km long tunnel. With the help of the calculated information, the magnets that control the beam can be calibrated with greater precision. LHC@home was created by, and is based at, CERN, which is located in Geneva, Switzerland.


SIXTRACK is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to advance Accelerator Physics. Participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.
BOINC BOINC is a software platform for distributed computing using volunteer computer resources, and provides the framework for SETI@home and other projects. It is based at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.