Team OcUK BURP Statistics
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These pages provide statistics for the participants of the BOINC-based BURP project, and are based on statistics made available from the official project site.

BURP Project Totals

Database last updated: Sunday, 22nd September 2019 06:31
Using statistics from: Sunday, 22nd September 2019 06:00
Database status: Current  
Project total credit: 503,420,529.32 cobblestones
Project recent average credit: 50,193.55 cobblestones
Total participants (>0 credit): 7,456 (7,456 loaded)
Active participants: 53  
Total hosts: 13,240 (13,240 loaded)
Total teams: 911 (911 loaded)
Total countries: 146 (146 loaded)


BURP stands for "Big and Ugly Rendering Project". BURP aims to develop a publicly distributed system for rendering 3D animations. Currently this is a pre-alpha project which means that you cannot yet upload your own animation for rendering. Periodically we are doing testanimations - sometimes you will not be able to contact the schedulers.
BOINC BOINC is a software platform for distributed computing using volunteer computer resources, and provides the framework for SETI@home and other projects. It is based at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.